10 Fun Facts About LeBron and D-Wade’s Bromantic Relationship

In professional sports, athletes get paid millions of dollars to go hard at the opposing team/players, no matter who it is. The idea of playing “soft” is sacrilegious, especially in the NBA. But there are those people who believe this is the case between Wade and James. It’s no secret that the two are incredibly close and it’s raised some questions as to whether they can, or always have played 100 % full throttle against each other. Apparently, this greatly annoys both men.

According to Wade, he has never had a problem taking it to LeBron or any of his other friends in the league. Wade and James both agree that it’s ludicrous for them to act like they hate each other when they’re on opposing teams. Because it’s simply not true. While this isn’t the most popular opinion, the two men realize that this isn’t the 1980s, and you don’t need to shed blood to prove your loyalty.