10 Fun Facts About Russell Westbrook

10 things you may not have known about the human triple double machine.

Russell is a huge family man. In a 2015 interview he said “I talk to [my family] every day. We’ve been so close as a family, I talk to them every day regardless of whether it’s two minutes, one minute, 30 seconds. I talk to them every day. Just on … about life and different things that may go on. All the time. Before every game, I call my parents, my brother, my fiancée (now wife) as well. Sometimes it may not be about basketball, sometimes it just may be about random things. It’s just something that I’ve done and something that works for me.”

He wore the number 4 in high school to symbolize the four people in his family. When asked why he switched to zero, he said that when you go through something you go with zero to get a new beginning. Perhaps this has something to do with the very untimely death of a high school friend and teammate…