10 TMI Stories About Dennis Rodman’s Sex Life

dennis rodman broke penis
In an interview with Vice, The Worm revealed how he broke his Worm on three separate occasions.

The first time was when him and his girlfriend were getting it on in his boat on one of the lakes in Dallas. She wanted to try something new i.e. have Rodman to slam dunk himself inside her off a running start. He ran. He jumped. He heard a crunch. And then he saw “blood everywhere”. “She’s screaming and screaming, ‘Oh my God, he’s dead’,” the he recalled. “I said, ‘No, honey, I just broke my d*ck’.”

The second incident didn’t involved a boat. Rodman had just finished wining and dining a new lady called Tracy. During dinner, she pulled out a book titled How To Suck D*ck in 10 Different Ways. Hightailing it back to the hotel room, things quickly took a turn.
“Next thing you know, she turns around and pushed back on me hard,” he explained. “Crack, another one. Blood everywhere. I couldn’t do anything.”

The third time happened during a similar situation.
“It was in New York. Same thing. We go to the hotel room and we’re having sex and it ended up breaking,” he said.
“We go to hospital and my girlfriend is like, ‘Well you know, he has a problem with his penis.’
“The woman comes up and says, ‘Oh, I’ll be right back’. She brought another doctor in, and then another one. I swear to God she just kept bringing people in.
“They told me I had a contused penis.”
Making matters worse, his girlfriend got a call from one of the nurses the next day threatening to sell the X-rays of Rodman’s junk if they didn’t hand over $25,000.
Rodman’s response? “Sell ‘em”.