10 Worst Basketball Video Games Ever Made

magic johnson super slam dunk
When you see Magic Johnson on the cover, you probably expect an NBA-licensed game. Since this is 1993 and you can’t look up the fact that Magic’s appearances in Super Slam Dunk (SNES, 1993) are limited to pre-game commentary, you’re in for a disappointment. Even worse, the are no NBA teams or players – just three fictional teams with generic players. The only thing close to an NBA experience was Chick Hearn’s in-game commentary – all 7 repetitive lines of it.

The gameplay was far from satisfying as well. The players moved very slowly, as if they were trying to run in quicksand, the camera rotated 180 degrees after crossing the half-court and the players just magically spawned on the other side. With all that, it was hard to spend more than 5 minutes on the game without getting a migraine