7 NBA Players Who Had Near Death Experiences

nick young dolphin
Eyebrows were raised when Iggy Azalea, Nick Young’s girlfriend at the time, tweeted that Swaggy P was afraid of dolphins. When reporters asked him to elaborate, he recounted a near-death experience involving a dolphin in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“He was playing with everybody else, doing what dolphins do — the ‘ack ack’ and all that,” Young said. “It was my time to ride the dolphin. For some reason, he took me all the way to the bottom. He was trying to drown me. But I saw it happening so I jumped out of the water and took off the little life vest and threw off my little water shoes and stayed outside.”

Young said the dolphin took others around in circles but didn’t do the same when it was his turn to interact with it.

“He went straight down,” Young said. “He was trying to kill me. I think he was trying to get on Iggy. He was a little friendly, kissing her and stuff. He was trying to take my woman.”

Young overcame his fear over 2 years later, but who else do you know who’s scared of dolphins?