7 NBA Players With Unusual Phobias

kobe bryant fears dog poop
If there was ever one person in the NBA who personified fearlessness, it’s Kobe Bryant. There is, however, one thing that he is very afraid of and he opened up about it in an interview with Complex.com

Talk to me about a private failure that wasn’t in the headlines, the thing that just keeps you up at night. Something people can relate to. Not necessarily a public thing, but a thing you twist and turn over.

Kobe Bryant: [Long pause] Dog—-? Like, I hate dog—-. I have a dog and I do not clean the crap outside. It’s a phobia. It drives me crazy. You wake up in the morning and you think, Damn, this big ol’ German shepherd probably just took a crap outside in the yard, and I gotta wake up and go pick it up. That is something that keeps me tossin’ and turnin’. Does that qualify?