Allen Iverson Facts That Show A Better Side of him

Off-court drama has followed Allen Iverson around for most of his career, but these heartwarming and depressing things will change the way you see him.

These are from the Showtime documentary simply called Iverson, which you should really check out.

Growing up, Iverson had a white friend by the name of Jamie Rogers, who often got picked on because of his race in the mostly black area.

“The first time I ever met Bubba Chuck [Iverson’s nickname] he asked me did I ever play football? And I told him I didn’t know anything about football. And he said, ‘Put the ball like this and just throw it!’ And I just threw a perfect spiral,” Rogers said in the documentary.

“He could teach anybody,” Rogers said. “He just wanted you to be good.”

According to Rogers’ mother, Iverson would often befriend and take care of younger kids.