Best MVP Seasons in NBA history

Even though the Finals MVP title is the big one, the Season MVP title is still a mark of greatness for any professional basketball player, having been won 6 times by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 5 times by Michael Jordan and WIlt, 4 by Bull Russell and LeBron James.

Some MVP seasons, however, stand out so much that they deserve additional recognition, so which ones are the top 10?

To say Allen Iverson’s 2000-2001 season was remarkable is an understatement. With no scoring help at all, the 6’0 165-pound guard single-handedly carried the 76ers to the first seed in the East, the Eastern Conference title and the honor of giving the almighty Kobe & Shaq Lakers their only loss in the Playoffs.

Iverson averaged 31.1 PPG that season (which earned him the scoring title), while the second highest scorer on the Sixers only had 12.6. The 2000-2001 NBA season shows that AI just might be the best player pound-for-pound to play the game.