Biggest Fines in NBA history

The world’s premier professional basketball league has fined players, coaches, team owners, and entire teams for a variety of reasons.

The most common infractions have been criticizing referees and fan confrontation, with fighting and flagrant fouls not being far behind. However, because most people involved in the NBA make huge amounts of money, the league has occasionally deemed it necessary to impose enormous fines to get their message across more potently.

San Antonio Spurs – Unjustly resting players – $250000

When you’re working with 3 aging superstars like Gregg Popovich, you don’t put them on the floor unless you absolutely have to. The league, however, thought he went too far by not bringing Timmy, Manu and Tony to Miami for a regular season game in 2012. The resulting punishment was a $250000 fine and David Stern was quoted as saying the Spurs committed “a disservice to the league and . . . fans.”