Every NBA team’s worst draft pick since 2000 – Part 1

Every team has that moment when they screw up a great opportunity to draft a standout player. Whether you know he’s going to be a bust from the start or he disappoints you several games in the season, drafting a bust always sucks. Let’s take a look at every team’s most embarrassing draft pick since the turn of the millenium.

Marvin Williams – ATL – #2, 2005

In 2005, the Atlanta Hawks were desperate for a good point guard because Tyronn Lue just wasn’t doing it for them. Even if it wasn’t for that, Chris Paul and Deron Williams were available in that draft. Who did Atlanta pick with #2? Marvin Williams. Granted, his career wasn’t that bad with 6 seasons averaging double digits up to 14.8 in 2007-2008, but if you look at the kind of player CP3 evolved into, there is no comparison.