Every NBA team’s worst draft pick since 2000 – Part 1

Joseph Forte – BOS – No. 21, 2001

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In the 2001 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics had 3 picks in the first round. The first one went to Joe Johnson, the next one to Kendrick Brown and the last one went to Joseph Forte, who ended up scoring less points during his whole career than LeBron James in 2013. The worst part is Tony Parker was available in that same draft and the Celtics were about to pick him with the last pick, but changed their mind at the last moment. Tony Parker himself said the following in an interview

You have the NBA lady, Chrissy, she comes to me and it was the 19th pick. She gives me a Celtics cap, says ‘they’re gonna pick you.’ And it was like three minutes left on the clock, you know you get five minutes to pick somebody, and the at one minute she comes back and she takes the cap and she’s like ‘oh no, they changed their mind,’ and they took my cap back and I was like ‘what?!’ and Pop stepped in and drafted me.

And we all know how Tony Parker ended up doing