Top 10 Craziest Larry Bird Stories

KC Jones, one of Bird’s coaches recalls

We are playing in Seattle. Five seconds left on the clock and the score is tied and it is our timeout. In the huddle, I am thinking Xavier McDaniel is guarding Larry. So I said, “Now Kevin, you take the ball out and get it to Dennis and Dennis you can finish that.” Larry said, “Why don’t you just give me the ball and tell everybody else to get the hell out of the way?” So I said, “Larry you play, and I’ll coach.” And he said, “All right.” So I said, “Dennis, you take it out and you get it to Kevin. Kevin you get it to Larry and everybody else get the hell out of the way.”

That is communication. Before the timeout was over, he leaves the huddle, and I said to myself, where is he going? And Xavier was right there and Bird said, “Xavier, I’m getting the ball. I’m going to take two dribbles to the left. I’m going to step back behind the three point line and stick it.” And that is what he did. So when he stepped back behind the line and released the ball, as soon as he released it, his arm was still in the air going to the dressing room. Game over.