Top 10 Craziest Larry Bird Stories

From Jimmy Rodgers, Celtics assistant and later head coach

I remember one practice, I don’t know if I was head coaching or not, but we had a pretty tough period of our schedule. We had a lot of games, the team was a little bit tired. We had practice planned out at a little seminary out there in Boston where we used to play and practice and we decided let’s give these guys an opportunity. These guys look a little tired, we said. If anyone can make a half court shot, practice is off for the day, you guys can all go home. So Larry said, “Give me the ball.”

So he steps up to half court, throws one and it’s immediately nothing but net. Everybody is hollering and hooting and that was the end of the day. He could do stuff like that. The thing you say, oh that’s impossible, no one is going to do that, he said give me the ball. Probably in his heart and soul he knew this team needed a rest, I’ll take it on myself. Like I said, whatever was needed, he would step forward and do whatever it took to get the job done.