Most Underrated Player In Every Team’s History – Western Conference

adrian dantley jazz

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6’5 small forward Adrian Dantley was the man for the Utah Jazz before being traded away two years after the arrival of John Stockton and just before the arrival of Karl Malone. The 1977 Rookie of The Year had six great seasons in Utah. He was traded to the Jazz from the Lakers after they drafted Magic in 1979 and from 1980-81 to 83-84, he averaged 30+ PPG, leading the league in scoring twice. He also put up 29.8 PPG during his last season with the Jazz in 85-86. Even though Duntley is not a household name, he was possibly the greatest scorer in Utah Jazz history. Can you image him, Stockton and Malone forming a Jazz Big 3 in their primes? Yikes…