The Greatest Basketball Sneakers of the 90s – Part 1

Sneaker culture was born in the mid-1980s, when Michael Jordan got his endorsement from Nike. The 1990s became the Golden Age of sneakers with every major NBA star having a signature shoe or a line thereof. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic basketball sneakers released during that decade

Fila Grant Hill 2 (1996)


Before the injuries started taking their toll, it wasn’t much of a stretch to put Grant Hill on the same level as Jordan and Shaq. SLAM Magazine even went as far as to boldly put him on one of their covers with a caption that read “Just like Mike, only better”.

Fila paid Hill $80 million to be the Italian (now South Korean) brand, resulting in 5 signature shoes. The Grant Hill 2 was definitely the most memorable of them with its tumbled leather upper and the velcro on the back. They were made even more memorable being worn by Tupac Shakur in a photoshoot for All Eyez on Me.