The Most Bizarre NBA Divorces

Dennis Rodman

The Worm has been through two marriages, and has managed to crawl around paying child support. Rodman divorced former spouse, Michelle Moyer, in 2012 after having two kids together. It’s always hard to deal with a divorce when kids are involved, but it’s even more difficult to deal with it when the player is dead broke.

As part of the divorce settlement, Rodman was supposed to pay Moyer $3,500 per month for child support. However, in classic Worm style, he’s avoided the payments and is said to owe approximately $860,000 in backpay for child support with another $50,000 in spousal support.

Rodman is unable to pay his debts as it seems that he’s spent every penny he has and is broke. Hopefully his new best friend, Kim Jong Un is paying for his visits to North Korea and can set up a loan to help him.