The Most Bizarre NBA Divorces

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq is possibly the most dominant force to ever play in the NBA and it fully makes sense. Standing at 7’1, Shaq was mobile (when he was younger) and had the passing abilities of the best big men in the league. Off the court, Shaq was a loveable character often wanting to make people laugh through his movies and his rap music (although the rap music laughter may have not been the intention).

In 2007, Shaq filed divorce from his wife of 5 years after the two had 4 kids. The divorce was delayed until 2010, and then finalized, resulting in Shaq reportedly paying $10,000 per month in alimony and then another $10,000 in child support. Thankfully Shaq had a prenup signed before they got married, or she could have left with a lot more since he’s admitted on numerous occasions of his own infidelity.