Top Ten Most Popular Foamposite Sneakers

Over the past years, Foamposite-filled sneakers have made a big impact in the sneaker industry to say the least.

Sneakers such as the “Eggplant” Nike Air Foampsite One, the Nike 1/2 Cent and the Nike Foamposite Lite “Kryptonate” have garnered an abundance of attention. In addition, this year’s “Copper” Nike Air Foamposite One may be the most highly-anticipated sneaker of 2010 so far.

How many Foamposite sneakers have been created? Better yet, what are the best Foamposite sneakers to date. Our staff dug deep into the Nike vaults and came up with a list of the best Foamposite sneakers to date. Some of them have just released within the past couple of years, while others haven’t been seen since the early 90s. With that said, check out our

#10 – Nike Air Foamposite Pro Red/Black

The second Foamposite Pro colorway on our list is the infamous red/black pair. The red foamposite is nonetheless a head-turner and can be spotted a mile away. Are these better than the aforementioned black/volt Nike Air Foamposite Pro?