10 Stories of Wilt Chamberlain’s Inhuman Athleticism

Another example of Wilt’s Herculean strength is what happened at Madison Square Garden when Chamberlain was thinking about a comeback. After talking to Red Holzman at MSG, he strode out to the elevator. As the elevator’s doors opened, he saw two deliverymen struggling with a dolly full of office supplies that was so heavy that the elevator stopped a few inches below the floor level.

The deliverymen just couldn’t get the dolly high enough to reach floor level. Wilt offered to help and effortlessly pulled the dolly up on his own. When he asked how much the thing wieghed, it turned out to be around 600 pounds.

[Source: The Good Natured Giant Wasn’t Belligerent, Sports of the Times; Oct 13, 1999; Dave Anderson]