10 Stories of Wilt Chamberlain’s Inhuman Athleticism

Legends abound of the truly great leapers who could touch the top of the board. Almost always the feat involves money-claims that the player could grab a dollar bill off the top of the board, or could pluck off a quarter and leave two dimes and a nickel change … “I defy anyone to say they took change off the top of the backboard,” Chamberlain said. “I could. Someone would put a quarter up and I’d snatch it down.

I’ve heard stories about Jackie Jackson doing it, but I’ve never seen anyone (but himself) come close.” Sonny Hill, a Philadelphia leaping legend of the ’60s, backs Wilt, saying, “The only man that’s been to the top, that’s Wilt. I asked Kareem if he ever did, and he could jump a little bit. He told me, `Sonny, no.'”

[Source: Ostler, Scott (1989-02-12). “The Leaping Legends of Basketball”. The Los Angeles Times.]