10 Awesome Stories and Quotes About Tim Duncan

Former teammate and good friend of Duncan, Sean Elliott has always marvelled at Tim Duncan’s work ethic, and once shared this anecdote:

“This guy works so hard in the summertime. You don’t even know. I go to the practice facility about five or six times during the summer to shoot baskets or work out or give someone a tour … and Timmy will be there every time.

“The assistant coaches tell me stories about how they’ll bring in free agents to woo or some of the kids they’re thinking about drafting, they’ll go in and Timmy’s in the gym working out. And they’re like, ‘Tim Duncan is here?’ They’re shocked.

“He’s an anomaly. He’s a big man and a gym rat. That’s an oxymoron. You have a lot of bigs who play because they’re big. Guards play because they love it. Timmy has a guard’s mentality. He has a guard’s passion for the game in a big body. That’s why he’s been so good.”

Source: ESPN.com