10 Craziest NBA Sex Scandals

eddie johnson life sentence

Eddie Johnson, a 2-time All-Star shooting guard who played for the Hawks, Cavs and Sonics is infamous for having been arrested 100 times after his NBA career ended in 1987. The final straw came in 2006, when he committed a burglary and molested an 8-year old girl…..all while awaiting trial for raping another woman. Upon receiving his sentence for life without parole, Johnson said “The worst thing about this is that because of my charges I’m being treated as a sexual predator.”

The real worst thing about the case was another NBA player named Eddie Johnson, only 4 years younger than the rapist, whose photos were accidentally used in the media, landing an undeserved blow to his reputation. He even considered suing the news outlets for not fact-checking.

Source: Ocala.com