10 Craziest NBA Sex Scandals

chris andersen child porn

Chris Andersen’s story is interesting because he was actually the victim. In 2012, the 6’10 center found himself at the center of a child porn investigation by the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit of Douglas County, Colorado’s Sheriff’s Department. Andersen did not face any chargers because the investigation found that he was a victim of a very impressive hoax.

It turned out that Shelly Chartier, a Canadian woman from Easterville, Manitoba manipulated Andersen and 17-year old model Paris Dunn into exchanging nude photos on Facebook by posing as both of them in messages to the other. The age of consent in Colorado is 15, but having nude photos of a 17-year-old, who Andersen was led to believe was older, was still child porn. Chartier successfully blackmailed Andersen out of $3000.

Source: ABC News