10 Craziest NBA Sex Scandals

nba gold club scandal

The Gold Club in Atlanta had a very interesting business model – luring athletes in with free sexual favors to increase prestige and attendance.

The club’s owner Steve Kaplan was a huge Knicks fan – in 1997 he flew a bunch of strippers to Charleston NC, where the team was having an exhibition game and paid them as much as $1000 apiece to have sex with the players. In 1994, he invited John Starks to the club for a lesbian sex show and dis dude did dis with one of the girls. On two separate occasions, Patrick Ewing received oral from the GC girls while Kaplan and his associate Thomas “Ziggy” Sicignano watched.

According to Ziggy’s court testimony, other players who received sexual favors include Reggie Miller, Jerry Stackhouse, Dennis Rodman and Dikembe Mutombo.

Source: Bill Simmons, ESPN