10 Craziest NBA Sex Scandals

kevin johnson sexual misconduct

Kevin Johnson has been on the receiving end of sexual misconduct allegations from several women.

The first is Mandi Koba, who made claims that Johnson molested her in 1996, when he was playing for the Phoenix Suns. According to Koba, Johnson took her clothes off, fondled her and made her shower with him. She said she was so traumatized that she stopped eating, her weight dropped to 87 pounds and she kept quiet for two decades because she was afraid nobody would believe her.

Other allegations against Johnson came after he became mayor of Sacramento. One instance is two women who participated as teenagers in Johnson’s Hood Corps urban service program and claimed he touched them inappropriately.

Erik Jones, a former teacher at Sacramento High School, which is run by the St. HOPE organization founded by Johnson, said he left the school after reporting that Johnson had touched the breasts of a 17-year-old student. That student recanted after she was summoned to a meeting with Johnson’s personal attorney, who also represented the school

Ilee Muller, a former aide to City Manager John Shirey claimed that Johnson summoned her to his private library on City Hall’s fifth floor on Dec. 26, 2013. Once there, according to the claim, the mayor gave Muller “an unwelcome and close hug, pressing his body against (her), then felt along her torso.” Johnson then “pressed his body against hers and asked her if she ‘felt it,’” then tried to kiss Muller, according to the claim.

Source: Sacramento Bee