10 Most Unorthodox NBA Workouts

kyle korver misogi

Kyle Korver, one of the deadliest shooters in a league stacked with shooters, trains using the Japanese concept of misogi ie annually doing something very risky to combat the human psyche’s tendency to take less risks with age. He started this routine in 2013 with Marcus Elliott, founder of the renowned P3 Peak Performance Project.

One year, Elliott put Korver on a 13-foot paddle and had him paddle board 25 miles into the Pacific Ocean. Korver said dolphins and gargantuan mola began to surround his board. The following year, Korver and a few friends ran a 5K relay on the ocean floor using an 85-pound rock to weigh them down. They did it in Southern California’s shark-infested waters.

Three point shooters like Korver often decide close games in the last few seconds, so it’s important to have no fear during high-pressure situations.

Source: Grantland