10 NBA Players With The Most Illegitimate Children

10 NBA players whose pullout game was nowhere near as strong as their pull-up game

karl malone illegitimate children
Karl Malone only had three illegitimate children, but the story with one of them is pretty crazy. Malone was 17 when twins Daryl and Cheryl were born to Bonita Ford, who was approximately the same age. His third child, former NFL offensive tackle Demetrius Bell, on the other hand, was born when Malone was 20 years and bell’s mother Gloria was only 13. Gloria Bell’s family didn’t want to see Malone jailed because that would eliminate any chance of him providing support. Malone was never arrested because the statue of limitations for rape in Louisiana was 5 years, but the paternity test took place in 2008, when Demetrius was already 14 years old.