10 NBA Stars With The Toughest Childhoods

Before Jimmy Butler was drafted in 2011, an NBA general manager said “His story is one of the most remarkable I’ve seen in all my years of basketball. There were so many times in his life where he was set up to fail. Every time, he overcame just enormous odds. When you talk to him—and he’s hesitant to talk about his life—you just have this feeling that this kid has greatness in him.”Jimmy Butler’s story is that his father left the family when he was an infant. After he turned 13, he was kicked out by his mother who, according to Butler, just said “I don’t like the look of you. You gotta go.” He then couch surfed for a while before moving in with his high-school friend Jordan Leslie, his parents and five other siblings.

Source: http://espn.go.com/nba/draft2011/columns/story?columnist=ford_chad&page=Butler-110618