Biggest NBA Free Agency signings that could have happened

Kobe to Clippers (2004)

In 2004 the Lakers lost Shaq, while Kobe was close to signing with the Clippers. He was in his prime at the time, so a lot of things could have gone different.

For starters, Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic or Carmelo and the Nuggets could have had a ring in 2009, the Big 4 Celtics could have added another title to their 2008 triumph in 2010 and the Phoenix Suns could have gotten the title in 2010 without the Lakers stopping them in the 2010 Western Conference finals, which would mean Steve Nash would have a ring and possibly retire in Phoenix.

These are just some of the possible scenarios depending on what the Lakers would do with the cap space and who the Clippers would surround Kobe with.