10 Landmark Firsts in the History of Basketball

Basketball was struggling in the early 1950s because the absence of the shot clock made it a boring game of stalling. As soon as a team got a lead, they would just hold on to the ball until they either got fouled or the time ran out. This resulted in either very low scoring games, such as the November 22, 1950 Fort Wayne Pistons and Minneapolis Lakers fiasco that ended with a score of 19-18, or a lot of free throws.

The 24-second shot clock was conceived by Syracuse Nationals owner Danny Biasone by dividing 2880, the length of a game in seconds, by 120, the average number of shots both teams take per game, to come up with magic number.

The shot clock debuted in the NBA at the October 30th, 1954 game where the Rochester Royals beat the Boston Celtics 98-95. That season teams averaged 93 points per game, up 13.8 points over the previous season. Four years later, that number went up to over 100 points.

With the constant action, basketball became much more exciting and most likely wouldn’t have survived without it. It is perhaps the most important thing to happen to basketball in the 20th century.