NBA’s Most Tragic Deaths

Eddie Griffin

The shocking and tragic story of Eddie Griffin’s death stunned the entire NBA and sporting world. The standout performer at college was touted to be one of the next great players in the NBA, but he was clearly a troubled soul and this would plague his NBA career.

He started his career brightly in Houston, but he struggled with alcoholism which caused him to miss the entire 2003-04 season as he entered rehab. He was picked up by the Timberwolves in 2004 and began to show promise, but in 2006 he crashed his car whilst intoxicated and would be later released by the Timberwolves.

In 2007, Griffin died after ignoring a railroad warning and driving through a barrier onto the tracks where his car was then hit by a moving train. Griffin had to be identified through dental records and he had more than three times the legal alcohol amount in his system. During his career several people tried to help Griffin, but he was clearly battling demons and was just 25 years old when he passed.