NBA’s Most Tragic Deaths

Although Pete Maravich was retired at the time of his passing, he was still shockingly young and passed away doing the thing he loved the most. The NBA legend, pioneer and Hall of Famer had a dazzling career and had his jersey retired by both the Jazz and New Orleans, but he would retire after just 10 seasons due to knee injuries. A few years after his retirement, at the age of 40, Maravich collapsed and died whilst playing a pick up game at a church in Pasadena, California. The autopsy revealed that Maravich was carrying a rare congenital defect where he was born with no left coronary artery, and this caused his right coronary artery to compensate and this left it consequently grossly enlarged. “Pistol” Pete’s impact on the NBA can still be felt today, as every single point guard will have drawn inspiration from this revolutionary player.