The NBA’s craziest conspiracy theories


In 2002, the Wizards traded Rip Hamilton to the Detroit Pistons, who won the NBA title in 2004, stopping Kobe from winning his 4th ring. In 2010, the Bobcats sent Tyson Chandler to the Mavericks, who got the title in 2011, stopping LeBron James from winning his first ring.

In 2013, the Bobcats waived Boris Diaw, who signed with the Spurs, who beat the Miami Heat in the 2014 Finals, stopping LeBron from achieving a three-peat.

Who is in the middle of all this? None other than His Airness Michael Jeffery Jordan. Could he be using his post-retirement position to protect his legacy as the greatest of all time? Obviously that’s a bit too wild to believe, but a crazy coincidence nonetheless.